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Thomas Doo Demolition

Conservation Demolition and Strengthening

Preservation of an existing two story facade to allow a new 14 story apartment block to rise over the top. Existing elements were carefully removed and stored off site for reuse in the completed building. A Structural Steel Gantry was erected to support the facade and flexicrete applied the frail brick walls that are to remain prior to the rear sections of the building being demolished. An area of the existing building is to have a replacement roof clad in slate to replicate the original building.


KNC Construction

Start Date

March 2014



Added Value

As projects of this nature are extremely hard to detail the scope of the works more than doubled. SUMMIT has worked with the client to price the Variations and programme the additional works to meet the client’s programme. SUMMIT provided programming and buildability advice beyond our scope of works to ensure the overall project would be a success.