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Mad Mex

Outdoor Courtyard

On the face of it a simple block and timber structure providing a roofed outdoor area for customers to dine alfresco. The reality was that the project was highly complex as, while relatively small, it involved components of heavy construction that had to be carried out in an operational mall, just prior to Christmas. The existing area had to be demolished to allow a new footing to carry the block walls and support posts. No deliveries could be made after 8:00am and there was no storage area available on site. This required a well managed, ‘just in time’ planning system.


Mad Mex

Start Date

December 2013



Added Value

Working with the project team, SUMMIT refined the structure, reducing the number of posts specified, to provide cost savings and meet the fixed budget. The site had a number of unforseen issues such as under ground structures and services in the wrong location. The SUMMIT site team provided effective solutions to ensure the project stayed within budget and on time.